Many investors from Israel and abroad have discovered the rare potential of investment through Kalgut. The fund opens a window of exposure to exclusive opportunities and businesses that are not freely available on the market, by the use of grants which yield higher than regular market returns and also acts as a vehicle enabling participation in the Mitzvah of settling the country.

• Location and acquisition of lands with economic prospects, from owners who are not Jewish and their transfer into Jewish hands.
• Initiation, management and development of the settlement project in Israel, especially in Jerusalem and its surroundings.
• Granting the opportunity for every Jew in the world to acquire a piece of land with a minimum investment.
• The fund accompanies the investor throughout all the investment stages; from the acquisition of the land and up to the optimal realization of their investment.

Exclusiveness of Kalgut: an investment fund for redemption, with the use of economic policy, for the benefit of creation, compensation as well as high yielding grants for investors whose values are higher than others in the real estate field.